The Trail Journal

Pick any day and its link, and enjoy the Cohos Trail with me.

Day 1: Getting to the Starting Line

…While the CT is actually over 160 miles long, my goal for the next two weeks is quite modest: just the northernmost section, concentrating on the Connecticut Lakes. I’m planning to take my time & see all I can manage to see along the way….

Day 2: On Taming the Backpack

…I was struck, as I was yesterday, by the variety & vigor of all the wildflowers on the roadside. This area can have very inhospitable weather & it certainly has a short growing season. No matter: the wildflowers, no doubt considered weeds, are running riot here. They’re no less beautiful for being common….

Day 3: Rain, Blisters and Bites

…At last! A road, a bridge, & a left turn put me on River Road. I’d have kissed the ground, but that would have meant getting up with the pack dragging me down….

Day 4: A Much Better Day

…The views on this sunny afternoon were breathtaking, dominated by big 1st Connecticut Lake just below. Mt. Magalloway loomed in the distance; I could just make out its fire tower…

Day 5: Trail Work and Road Trip

…Lainie handed me a pair of loppers & told me to follow her & look for flagging tape….  [T]he flagging earlier in the year was done in the spring…Now, it’s midsummer. Grasses & ferns & the aptly-named hobblebush have grown several feet high….

Day 6: Day Off

…My remaining blisters are freshly padded & bandaged. I’ve had time today to look at the field guide on the table in here, trying to identify some of the birds I’ve seen this week….A lazy day, though not a wasted one….

Day 7: East Inlet

…Pete had the best free show in town as he paddled behind me, watching me maneuver clumsily but persistently around the many curves….When we first hit the pond on the way back, we saw one kayak after another heading out. Armand remarked that most of the people heading onto the pond would probably not continue into the stream – certainly not as far upstream as we went. Their loss….

Day 8: My First Old Home Day

…After the parade, the town green was filled with tents & booths & food & games. I had a pulled-pork meal at one of the tents, and every bite was a tribute to God’s providence (so THAT’S what pigs are for!)…

Day 9: New Hampshire’s Northernmost Park

…It’s 5 p.m. now, there’s a soft breeze coming on, and the sun is becoming less harsh. Families are pulling into camp to claim their spaces….It’s very peaceful here. I can see the attraction….

Day 10: Fourth Lake and a Glimpse of Quebec

…I have been told that it’s amazing to cross into Quebec from NH because of the abrupt change from forest to farmland. Turns out that’s absolutely true. The view from the border is really quite striking: US 3 becomes Rt. 257, and it heads straight north to Chartierville, three miles away – downhill all the way in one gentle rolling drop after another….

Day 11: Celebrating an International Trail

…About 70 people were there. Half were hikers, there to begin a 6-day hike arranged & sponsored by Sentiers Frontaliers….So now we have an international trail! It was a happy morning….

Day 12: Last Day on the Road

…It’s been three years from idea to fruition for this trip. From here, right now, it seems that it all went by in a flash.

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